Hello, I am glad you found your way to my site 🏄.

I am Stephan. Born and raised in Dresden. Studying Mechanical Engineering, Biotech (BSc) and Neuroscience (MSc) brought me to Senftenberg, Stockholm and Berlin. Settled in Berlin (for now).

I currently work at Bitwala, where I initially was hired as a Trader in late 2018. Being mildly proficient in Python, though, I took on more and more coding tasks for the trading desk. Which finally lead to me permanently switching over to Bitwala's superb engineering team as Backend and DevOps Engineer ❤.

After work, or before, I enjoy a good climbing session in one of Berlin's many bouldering gyms. I love to read, especially about (quantitative) trading, technology and security, but also books on spirituality (the good kind without imaginary sky people) and personal development.